Health Voices for Climate Action


Health Voices for Climate Action is a coalition of health and medical organizations collecting stories from health professionals on the front lines in clinics, hospitals, community organizations, and public health agencies across the nation.

Research shows that people who understand that climate is a health issue are more likely to support climate solutions, many of which bring quick and significant health and health equity benefits.

Watch these heartfelt videos as doctors and nurses, in states across the US, speak about how climate change is affecting the health of their patients.


Do you have a climate and health story from the frontlines?

> Have you witnessed the impact of natural disasters (hurricanes, flooding, extreme heat, wildfires) in your hospital or community?

> Have you seen increases in asthma or other illnesses that are related to pollution from fossil fuel extraction and production?

> Do you have patients suffering from mental health issues due to anxiety about climate change, or the stress of displacement during a disaster? 

> Does your community experience stark health inequities related to air pollution from busy roadways, or urban heat islands or poor diet and lack of access to places for physical activity?

Please sign up and we will contact you with instructions on sharing your own 60-90 second video as part of the Health Voices for Climate Action Campaign. You can begin by clicking on "resources" and reading our step-by-step guide to craft your script and record your video.

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