Recommendations for the Department of Health and Human Services

A group of health professionals and organizations has come together to assemble recommendations for HHS. These build on an earlier set of Administration-wide recommendations on climate, health, and equity which gained broad support from health organizations and were well received. This new set of recommendations is directed specifically to HHS. It addresses functions such as research (e.g., at NIH), public health protection (e.g., at CDC), health care resilience (e.g. at CMS), and incorporation of health into the nation’s nationally determined contributions under the UNFCCC.

Health organizations and health professionals wishing to endorse these recommendations may do so by clicking the appropriate buttons below. Individual signer's institutional affiliations are provided for identification purposes only, and do not imply institutional endorsement.

For further information please contact:
Howard Frumkin, MD, DrPH 
Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH
Georges Benjamin, MD, MPH
Linda Rudolph, MD, MPH
Jessica Wolff, MSN, MBA

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