Call for PAA Endorsement

The U.S. Call to Action on Climate, Health, and Equity: A Policy Action Agenda lists ten policy recommendations to provide a roadmap to develop coordinated strategies for simultaneously tackling climate change, health, and equity. Climate change is a public health emergency. We call on our nation’s leaders to act now by mobilizing climate actions for our health, and health actions for our climate. With the right policies and investments today, we have the opportunity to realize our vision of healthy people in healthy places on a healthy planet.

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Recommendations for Biden-Harris Administration

We call on the Biden-Harris Administration to act now on the climate health emergency by proactively integrating climate, health and equity in decision-making across the whole of government. With the right staff, policies, and investments today, we have the opportunity to multisolve to our key interconnected challenges and to realize our vision of healthy people in healthy places on a healthy planet.

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Health Voices for Climate Action

Health Voices for Climate Action is a coalition of health and medical organizations collecting stories from health professionals on the front lines in clinics, hospitals, community organizations, and public health agencies across the nation.

Research shows that people who understand that climate is a health issue are more likely to support climate solutions, many of which bring quick and significant health and health equity benefits.

Watch these heartfelt videos as doctors and nurses, in states across the US, speak about how climate change is affecting the health of their patients.


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Fair and Healthy Elections

This Letter to Congress asks our nation’s leaders to make sure no American is forced to choose between their health and their right to vote.

Take Action: Ensure the Right to Vote Without Risking Health